What is better Gym OR Yoga

Hey there is a world class debate going on between choosing “Yoga or Gym”. “What is better Gym OR Yoga” is published by Maria Brad.


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Three Lessons From My Avocado Seed

And, they aren’t green

Photo taken by Author

After over thirty years of trying to get a plant to grow from an avocado seed, I have finally gotten the starter of a plant as you can see above. Perhaps, you too have had the same difficulty in sprouting a plant from this seed.

I don’t get too excited about things. However, when I walked through the kitchen and saw this sprouting plant, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was elated.

As I contemplated what I had done differently this time, I also began to appreciate a few other important lessons that I can apply in my daily life. What are they?

As I think about the lessons above, I realize that life is unpredictable, imagination can produce wonderful things, and what I put forth today can affect someone or something years from now.

These lessons are not profound. They are merely reminders of the many variations that exist in our life. All are miracles waiting to happen.

(At this point, the plant is still growing. I haven’t killed it off yet!)

Thank you for reading.

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