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Viarium is coming closer to creating the first ever virtual world for business

VR and AR always considered to be a matter of distant future or a science fiction half-fantasy. “One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people. Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. The future is coming and we have a chance to build it together,” said Mark Zuckerberg a year ago. Back in 2014, the world’s biggest social network acquired Oculus Rift, the developer of virtual reality technologies, for a whooping $2 billion.

VR and AR solutions will be used by every fifth large enterprise as early as 2019, according to Gartner’s research. The market growth is so impressive because technology allows products and services personalisation and customisation with great precision. The gap between companies and consumers is closing and relationships are becoming mutually profitable.

VR enables companies to save resources on creation of showrooms and exhibition halls. Moreover, the number of potential visitors of virtual showrooms and exhibition halls is much higher than “bricks-and-mortar” ones, the coverage is global. This is why the likes of Ikea, Audi and Alibaba have already started launching their own VR showrooms. The technology erases all borders and removes transboundary transfers.

However, the simple showroom models are just the beginning. The Viarium project creates a next generation VR platform, or rather a whole world where shops, exhibition halls and houses could be built. It will also be possible to lease space to other members of the platform.

Viarium is a platform that can be used to create a multitude of virtual worlds and to promote goods and services of companies from real-sector. For instance, a construction company may use the platform to create a virtual equivalent of the house. Potential buyers and dwellers will familiarize with the layout of rooms in advance, see the view from windows and design an interior without waiting for the house to be built.

The creators of Viarium are very sensitive to the data storage safety, that’s why the blockchain technology was applied. The decentralised register allows to avoid unauthorised changing of content and browsing the posting history. The information is saved in an encrypted form thanks to cryptography application.

All the transactions on the Viarium platform will be made in its internal currency: the VRX tokens. The ICO will be carried out within the usual framework of a crowdsale. One token will be worth $0.06, but during the presale the customers will get between 5% to 30% discount.

Unlike multiple projects that don’t have an MVP/demo and plan to attract funds by selling tokens, Viarium developed the basic architecture of its platform already. The first world — Genesis Land — is there, land plots could be bought and virtual showrooms could be created. In other words, Viarium is a functioning business that has a functioning product.

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