Popular Digital Marketing Trends Affecting the Automotive Industry Today

The automotive industry in the U.S. is currently worth over $6.3 million, and for good reason — as our world gets progressively car-dependent, consumers will always be in need of vehicles…


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8 Marketing Tips from the Greatest Marketers of All Time

Now would be a good time to steal some of these techniques for your own

Although the greatest marketers of all time bring us different lessons, approaches, and philosophies, they all achieve the same results: sales, loyalty, and brand recognition. I found these Marketing tips interesting because they relate not just to business but to how we interact with people every single day.

People are inherently self-absorbed. They want their problems to be fixed. Realizing that you’re not creating something for yourself but for others is key to writing copy, telling stories, and providing a customer journey that impacts their decisions.

Impacted = Persuaded

Unknown Desires Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt, history praises Ford by saying “His real genius, was marketing.” Ford recognized the needs and wants of his target market for than they did.

He was noted for saying, “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.” Ford knew the desires of his target market before they knew how to articulate them. He took this and created the Model-T which was the first car to be mass-produced. Genius.

Walt changed the world of entertainment and created magical experiences for people of all ages. Disney is known for being “The Most Magical Place on Earth” and where “Dreams Come True.” Why? The 360 experience. You watch a Disney movie. You want to visit Disneyland or Disney World to experience the movie in real life.

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