5 Woodworking Tips!

I recently got into woodworking and I stumbled upon some woodworking tips that really helped me. So I thought I would start collecting all of theese tips into this series of videos where I go over…


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25 Thoughts Your Pet Cat Has

Learn ‘Confidence, Pride & Prejudice’ from those Ego Master creatures

Why are they fighting over naming me? Do they not know I won’t ever answer when they call for me? Oh…those poor human beings. So naive.

Get your gross hands off me! EW..ew..ew. Let me lick that real quick. Just stop, please. Do I look like I’m enjoying this?

I cannot believe they left an open laptop out in the wild. I CAN FINALLY WRITE MY RESEARCH PAPER… crack..crack…That keyboard sound is so satisfying. Where is my Nobel?

I am so sick of dry food. It smells disgusting too! How do they not know cats love to drink milk…It’s basic knowledge.

I am so sick of this house, I might escape off the roof. Or, maybe jump off the basement window. Pfff…Why bother? It’s too hot outside.

Those people love me too much. Losers showing emotions! I mean I like them too, sometimes. They do anything I want.

Who’s watching the TV and eating in the living room? Do people not knock before they intrude into your house anymore?

Stop baby-talking to me! I’m ignoring you, but it’s not working…Cats were worshipped as gods in Ancient Egypt. You’ve clearly forgotten.

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