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World Champion Jawad praises International Stars Sugden and Broome

The 2014 Para Powerlifting World Champion Ali Jawad has praised the “great improvements” made by Team England squad members Louise Sugden and Olivia Broome since last year.

Jawad was refereeing at the British Para Powerlifting Championships in Coventry and had the best seat in the house as Sugden and Broome both broke British records at the Ricoh Arena.

Sugden hit a personal best of 116kg at the Ricoh Arena at -86kg while Broome lifted 97kg in the -55kg category.

Since then both lifters have gone on to record 7 thplace finishes at the World Championships in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.

“It was really good to watch everyone develop over the last couple of months,” said Jawad.

“Refereeing, it was nice being to see it all from the other side.

“Olivia and Louise had British records. Great improvements since last year and now I can’t wait to see what they can do next.”

Jawad who clinched the World Title in 2014 still competes strongly but is currently battling Crohn’s Disease which has limited his number of competitive appearances as of late.

He took a Silver at the Rio Paralympics in 2016 and won Bronze for Team England at last year’s Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Now he is putting all of his efforts into targeting Tokyo 2020

“I’ve been out for a while,” said Jawad.

“Loads of health problems obviously but I think we are slowly getting through it. You know the bigger picture is Tokyo so hopefully I will make it there and be competitive.”

Jawad was also pleased with the number of UK Anti-Doping officials present at the event in Coventry.

He currently acts as an athlete representative for the organisation and they brought a 15 strong team of testers to the Sunday sessions.

“I am a massive anti-doping advocate so it’s really good to see UKAD here testing athletes,” said Jawad.

“It’s also good for the athletes to see testing being done. You know it’s all about fair sport and clean sport so hopefully we can continue that.”

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