DIW Token ICO. What is DIW and why should you invest?

One of the most promising projects of this year is making big progress and already started its pre-ICO which will end on March 20th and will be followed by ICO from March 17th till April 10th 2018…


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I Want You to Hate My Writing

That means I’m doing something right

This may sound contradictory, but I want everyone to hate me as a writer.

As I continue to grow throughout my writing career, I realize the importance of a different opinion. Some opinions you love, some you hate to death. That’s the beauty of a blog post; evoking a strong emotion within your audience causing them to think about what you just wrote.

Everyone loves a good debate.

Now I’m not saying to be a troll and formulate your opinion based on hate. It’s about writing an informed opinion that sticks in the minds of your readers. That’s the type of content that gets noticed.

No fancy writing tricks. No persuasive ads. Just a human who has something valuable to say that the world hasn't thought about before.

In short, start a conversation with your words. You never know who can benefit.

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