Everything You Need to Know About Types of Tea.

This topic has lighted a bulb in my head. I love drinking tea and can’t imagine not having a few during the everyday. From what I am speaking with people at work, hardly anyone knows the basic tea…


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The Psychology Behind Never Feeling Good Enough


And 9 definite ways to refocus your thinking and find the value in loving yourself

Marianne Williamson wrote:

I recall vividly the first job interview I had after graduating from the University. I was 21 years old. I had only applied for the job because I was trying to improve my skills in job application and polishing up my CV. Getting invited for the interview had not been a part of my plan. I did not have much experience in formal employment, and I knew I was not good enough.

After a series of remote interview sessions, I was invited for an in-person interview. The interviewers were warm and welcoming and did their best to make me feel comfortable. I struggled because the whole time I kept telling myself that I did not deserve to be there. I was not good enough. The feedback comment for my rejection was, “She does not believe she is good enough, why should we?”

If you are anything like me, there have been points in your life where you never seem to feel good enough. Maybe you also directly and regularly tell yourself: I’m not good enough. I’m not smart, skilled, capable, talented, attractive or thin enough. Maybe the question “Am I good enough?” is something that you ask yourself daily. You don’t pursue a promotion at work, or apply for available opportunities. You won’t get it anyway. You remain in unfulfilling relationships. It’s what you deserve. You let people cross your boundaries. Why would you stand up for yourself?

Do you ever wonder where that inner voice in your head comes from? The one that keeps reminding you that you are not good enough? Do you feel like you always give life your best, you work hard and sacrifice yourself for others, but still can’t give yourself credit? Are you constantly berating yourself and feeling like you do not measure up and that somehow you should be more, do…

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