Castles Built on Sand

For a Westerner among Westerners, life is good in the Emirate capital of Abu Dhabi, if not a bit surreal. By my imprecise measure, craning my neck at the beachfront resorts, a rough half are…


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How to use the SWC Registry to secure your smart contracts

The SWC Registry is an indispensable resource for securing your smart contracts. Here we show how you can use it most effectively.

Now, let’s talk about those weaknesses.

Smart contract weaknesses are classified into many different types, allowing for easier management and discussion. The code that generates the weakness may vary widely, but the type of weakness is the same.

But smart contracts, due to the specific nature of the blockchain, require specialized discussion. A weakness in software written in C++ is just not the same.

The SWC Registry is designed to provide smart contract developers with both language and remediation steps for dealing with issues that come up in the smart contract secure development lifecycle (SDLC).

Now let’s take a look at the registry itself.

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