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Perhaps The World Will Be A Better Place

From an incorrigible optimist to you

Perhaps if all broken people
Had their arm in a cast
People would stop by in kindness
Held doors open as they passed

Perhaps if the wound of the heart
Showed a visible cut or bruise
People would judge others less
Love in their hearts would find use

Perhaps if an adult didn’t look like adult
Instead be looked upon as a 3-year-old child
People would get less mad,
Be less enraged, less barbaric and wild

Perhaps if people were told
Their brain were an app
That they could download
And narrow the gap
Between them and others
People would be less broken
The world would be a better place
And kindness its precious token

Perhaps if life were a movie
Directed by Nancy Meyers
People would be lovable characters
Their flaws each person admires

Perhaps if addictions produced electricity
When touched, people zapped
There would be less crazies in power
Forever inflation could be capped

Perhaps if the overworked wasn’t a superhero
And people valued meditation and sleep
No one would wear the busyness-badge-of-honor
And conversations wouldn’t be skin deep

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