Martian Wallet Basic Information

Martian Wallet is a new and innovative wallet that allows users to mint NFTs on the Aptos. The wallet is available as a Google Chrome extension and is one of the products being built for the Aptos…


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Programming Principles For Early Stage Startups

While some of us write code as a hobby, many of us execute programming as a full-time job. When it comes doing performing this as a job, how the code is written differs on the type of company you work for. Arguably, there are 3 companies types that influence coding style:

In this article, we are going to over principles of development for early-stage startups to create successful products that have the following benefits for the company:

A) Delivering Quality Code, Quickly
B) Minimizing Technical Debt
C) Knowledge Transfer To Future Developers

Early stage products are not about perfection, it’s about validation of concept, exploration of new ideas, and quick iterations to meet growing demands. This means you have the permission to cut corners when appropriate and within reason.

You will face questions like these all the time, and the answer to the majority the answer is probably not. There are exceptions like if the startup is dealing with secure financial information, 3 legged OAuth and other security measures are required, but if it’s a chat app, probably not.

Moving into over architecture, while using design patterns, focusing on perfecting inversion of control, and ensuring the codebase adheres soundly to S.O.L.I.D is nice in principle, it often does not fit with the needs of the business at that stage. Once we have established perfection of code is not our goal, we can dive…

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