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Want to Fulfill Your Potential in Life? Answer Your Calling

The path of least resistance is often the path to mediocrity

Ignoring your calling so you can carry on as you always have is easy — I’ve done it for years.

Once you’ve stumbled upon it, after months or years of searching, that thing stirring inside your belly won't leave you alone. You try to silence it, to put it away in a corner of your mind…but it is there.

“One day, I’ll have the time”, you tell yourself.

One month goes by. Then one year. And a few more.

You wake up in 30 years’ time and wonder what the heck just happened. You blew it. And now it’s too late; there’s no turning back time. You’ve missed the boat.

Fortunately for you and me, there’s an alternative: taking action and answering the call so you don’t take it with you to the grave.

Life often puts you at the crossroad of “Should” and “Must”.

Most people — myself included — spend the best part of their lives following Shoulds. Shoulds are the road of conformity, of blending in with the herd.

Society tells you that, no matter what you do, you’re not to stand out from the pack too much.

“I should sign up for this degree, because that’s what my family wants.”

“I should take this job, because that’s what society expects of me.”

“I should put my true passions and dreams aside for the next 3 decades, because that’s what my boss expects.”

Conformity is what keeps society's cunning plot going. It relies on masses moving like ducks in a neat row and punishes them when they step out of line. It relies on following the path of Shoulds. That’s how the system, and the societal narrative it’s based upon, thrive.

The question is: whilst each of us is serving the system, is the system working for us? Is it working for you? A one-sided…

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