The Dark Side of Collaboration

All the best heroes have a Dark Side; Batman, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes. And so does collaboration. But having a dark side doesn’t turn our heroes into arch-villains. No, it makes them more heroic…


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Updates and Roadmap!

We made great progress this week!

We changed the missions contract so that players don’t have to do 2 transactions (send hero to mission and then loot the mission). To do a mission players will only have to make 1 transaction that will send you hero to the mission and get immediately the loot although the hero will still be rested for the minimum of 10 minutes (depending on the mission).

We changed the mission cards design:

Missions Tab
Sending a Hero to a Mission

Our biggest challenge was making the dungeon contract. Because of the limitations to the memory in solidity we thought, at the beginning, of players firstly equipping their heroes (1 transaction) before going to the dungeon (and another one)… This was bad for gameplay.

Good News!
We are able to do a dungeon with all heroes equipped in a single transaction. To do a dungeon players will select the heroes they want (3 heroes maximum), select the equipments for their heroes, consumables and their abilities (3 per hero).

Each class will have 5 abilities at the beginning to chose from. Each ability causes the hero to be tired (no actions) for X turns depending on the ability.
When going to a dungeon players will have to select the % of usage of each ability for that dungeon.






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