How Social Media Effects Journalism

Does social media affect the way we interpret news stories? Do we allow certain things to affect our judgment? This is something that all of us should think about and if we let others think for us or…


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A Lesson in Analytics from Britannia

Season 2 … Episode 7 & 8

Britannia first aired on Sky Atlantic in 2018. Its second season is currently airing on Epix in the US. Season three is reportedly on the way. And while most viewers are enjoying what Rotten Tomatoes has dubbed “spellbinding madness”, we (as always) have found a lesson in analytics.

A Good Analyst Knows The Limits Of Their Understanding

The lesson begins early in the episode with a discussion between Thelen and Harka. Thelen is a wayward Prince who has been lost for the better part of two seasons. Thelen finds himself seeking a little wisdom from Harka, a druid leader and the supposed “first man”. That sort of lifespan is bound to provide you insight, right?

The first rule Harka provides is a statement on the temporary nature of all things. The second rule is a statement on perspective. The third is somewhat obsurd. Harka takes a butterfly and swallows it.

One can imagine that Thelen doesn’t really find any of this enlightening.

Thelen’s perspective throughout the series has always been one of the cynic. He has been confused, used, mislead, mal lead, and disappointed at frequent intervals and with both comic and tragic consequences. In this analogy, he is our analyst. And so, as episode 7 draws to a close, he is again witness to exchange, this time between Aulus and Harka.

“You know, I do remember you now. You told me life was about three things.” — Aulus

Aulus’ version has an interesting spin. It confirms the fragility of life. But, it alters the perspective. It is not a…

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