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The Srebrenica anniversary is weighing on me. As is the article on lynching I read this morning. It’s like a grey filter over the world, overriding the green and blue and the warm blanket over my…


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The Blindfold

26th FEBRUARY 2022

The obvious response from most of us to both scriptures might be one of agreement. We may even ask, why would you scheme or devise evil for your neighbour who lives in security near you? Or even pick fights with someone who has done nothing to you? The question should be, what would make a man sit down and carefully plan or lay a trap for his or her neighbour? What would make you ponder over an innocent person or strive with them for no reason?

Proverbs 13:10 explains this, saying, “Through pride and presumption comes nothing but strife, but (skilful and godly) wisdom is with those who welcome (well-advised) counsel.” No wonder Scripture says God resists the proud. Pride, envy and jealousy do nothing but cloud one’s vision. They justify foolishness and present an unfounded basis for despising others. They plant and sustain self-righteousness and wickedness, seeking to do nothing but criticise and oppose others. Likewise, they fuel unforgiveness and hold unto grudges, and cause you to compete with those you ought to be learning from.

You can’t seek to truly walk with Jesus and be fruitful whiles walking in such a spirit. You can be a tongue-speaking Christian, can operate in the prophetic or be a powerful singer, if you do not walk in this wisdom of love, it’s like putting hot water in a deep freezer. It taints and sucks your testimony dry as a believer.

The next time you sense that ungodly stirring in your heart when you see that colleague at work, or your mate from class, or even someone you call your friend, rebuke it in Jesus’ name.

Further Reading: James 3:15

Bible In One Year: Deuteronomy [8–11]

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