3 Tips to Spot the Next Big Thing Before Everyone Else

Trend-spotting is an art and a science. Anticipating change is the key to finding success in trend-spotting. It helps you see what not to do and where to go next.


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What Is Ask a Swim Teacher?

A publication dedicated to teaching parents how to handle the exciting, overwhelming, and sometimes traumatic experiences surrounding swim lessons.

I taught teachers how to teach their students to swim. I taught parents to teach their children to swim. I wrote training programs and updated basic “stroke guides” to include child development and child psychology tips. I have in-depth knowledge of the psychological and physical processes of learning to swim. I can hear how someone is slapping the water and know intuitively what is wrong with their stroke.

When I was younger I wanted to be a classroom teacher, but attending school was never truly in my cards — not at that time anyhow. So I taught swimming. And instead of sitting in a classroom to learn, I self-taught. I spent my time off reading articles on how to be a better teacher, understanding child psychology and child development, learning how to be a better leader and even how to educate adults. I was passionate about my job and I wanted my students (adults and children alike) to gain the best knowledge they could from me.

Over the years I’ve had various teaching styles ranging from much more firm than I would ever be now, to much more gentle than I ever thought possible. It took time to understand how I wanted to teach and that process has taught me more than I ever thought I would learn (and has wildly prepared me for the day I have children of my own).

I want to be clear, I am not a parent, I am not a credentialed teacher, I am not a child psychologist I don’t have a degree in child development — heck I don’t have a degree at all.

What I have is more experience than most people have the opportunity to gain in a lifetime. I’ve worked with kids with “special needs” ranging from behavioral to physical to cognitive (I use that term lightly because for me it just meant tailoring my lessons to their needs the same way I would tailor a lesson for a child who is timid and shy or a child who is loud and boisterous).

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