Performance in 2022

When I hear the word “performance” in 2022, it’s accompanied by a sense of overwhelming trepidation. It was something that would excite me, leaving me eager to engage in whatever it went on to…


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Prey review

I remember catching the 1st predator on TV one Friday when I was bored during my teenage years and still to this day I cannot lie, it’s one of Arnold Schwarzeneggers better films in his filmography. Overall though it was a thrilling, intense film featuring a legendary alien character who could rival some Hollywood slashers in terms of strength, and even terror. Since then not a single predator sequel has measured up. I have caught the 2010 “Predators” film, 2018's “The Predator” and even the non sequel films, the “Alien vs Predator” movies. All of them weren’t garbage in my opinion but didn’t even come close to the 88' original. However now in 2022 a predator film has finally become as good if not better than the original. This new entry is simply titled “Prey.”

Prey takes place 300 years before the 1st movie. the movie’s main lead is Naru a young female Comanche with skills as a healer who seeks to prove herself among her male counterparts as a great hunter and warrior. Naru begins to notice signs of an unusual creature in the forest her tribe hunts in and its soon revealed that it is none other than the Predator itself who has come to earth for the 1st time to hunt worthy prey. Naru, her older brother Taabe and members of her tribe come face to face with the predator and from there we witness a more old school battle than the previous films, between humans and an alien from beyond the stars.

Prey serves as a terrific 5th film in this franchise! Dan Tranchenburg, who directed another successful film that came out of nowhere before “10 Cloverfield Lane”, did phenomenal job here in telling a uniquely thrilling Predator story among this franchise. Things here are really taken back to a more fundamental level of hunting and battle. I was a little disappointed that the dialogue was not in the native Comanche language but still the Native American representation is great to see here. Amber Midthunder’s performance was fierce and very well written. The arc we see her character go on is not only one of a woman trying to rise above her male counterparts and battle the sexism in the film but it can also be looked at as a story of an inexperienced warrior with great potential trying to prove herself among her people. And just so happens the warrior is female here and this makes for an even more compelling story amongst all the Predator action.

The cinematography in this film was mad beautiful and stunning! It provided a new visual look to the franchise. Some scenes reminded me a bit of “The Revenant” in terms of capturing Nature’s Beauty. The action scenes were quite solid here especially the final fight. Loved the look of the Predator here in this film. It was a more bare bones, old school look. Almost like a buff caveman/alien look for The Predator especially with that mask.

Once again, Prey is a terrific entry a great addition to this franchise. I am for the 1st time looking forward to another Predator film in the future. I think they should keep this theme of dropping these humanoid Alien’s into other time periods. It’s an idea that clearly has paid off well.

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