Do Economic Booms Die of Old Age?

Ben Bernanke got a big laugh from economists in Atlanta on Jan. 4. A few minutes after Janet Yellen said, “I don’t think expansions just die of old age,” he replied, “I like to say they get…


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Lockdown Tales


The situation around is tragic
For children, it may be ecstatic
Everyone needs to give each other and oneself more attention,
Even when the workload increases for everyone, not to mention.

Privileged are those who have things on their fingertips,
Just one tap and could have whatever they wish.
No one thinks of people in the open, working day and night,
So the privileged on the inside could be satisfied.
They are not Doctors or the Government or the Police.
But the people you depend upon for day to day service.

Out there is a pandemic, a terrible condition.
But people are enjoying it as if it is a vacation.
Circumstances were better off with a complete lockdown,
With the incremental version of unlock, started the inevitable knockdown

A long-pending complain of work-life balance,
Now it’s about the time and people how we manage,
With the work from home option that we always wanted,
Still, peoples’ hearts will never be contented.
Why does it always have to be about breaking the rules,
Why can’t we go back to the old days and stop being fools?
The old days when people had limited option,
Well pleased with what they had to complete their passion.

Working for so long in IT has definitely taught some sense,
So let’s create a list of all the home requirements at once.
Rewinding what we learned in the waterfall model, leaving agile,
Depending less on daily service, making ourselves less juvenile.
It’s not just you who has to STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.
But also others who are out acting all BRAVE!!

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