What Does Sleep Have To Do With Success At The Poker desk?

Have the correct tools. Don't at any time come to an interview unprepared. Not only is this unprofessional, but it does not instill self-confidence within the source. A harried and unprepared…


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Hardly a day goes by that someone who knows me says “You need to write a book about your life.” Some say it would need to be written as fiction as if written as non-fiction that I would be labeled as a liar as life is stranger than fiction.

I never lie unless I have to and I don’t have to. Well at least not much (i.e. “Do I look fat in this dress?, You never have cheated on me have you?, etc.”

If I wrote about my life I would have to write in a series rather as a biography as each day is more bazaar than the previous day. I have trouble on at what point of my life or the points leading up prior to my birth insofar as family lineage for the reader to fully appreciate what makes me what I am.

There has never been and never will be anyone like me or anyone else who has a life story to tell. Everyone has a life story but some have the talent and ability to tell their stories better than most. The greatest gift one can have is called “The gift of gab” and I have that gift.

Life is a learning experience. If I were to describe my life it would be best compared as a series of coincidences as in two films being “Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks and Little Big Man starring Dustin Hoffman.”

In life there is no such thing as a coincidence as there are just too damn many to be so. Recent science indicates this as a law of the universe which you can find be research on You Tube.

I probably would need a ghost writer as done in the film “Little Big Man” to tell my stories. I admit that I lack editing skills as did the great novelist “William Faulkner” who had sentences in first draft that often went on for four pages. This required an editor to polish the final draft of his works including “As I lay Dying.”

So far in my life I have been a millionaire, homeless, incarcerated, met former Presidents, Rock Stars, C.I.A. Agents, etc. Knowledge is power but too much knowledge can get you killed. It may be prudent to write and publish my life post mortem.

I welcome any suggestions and/or advice to anyone who may be interested in hearing my stories.

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