Alcohol free for 30 days

You might recall that this journey began back on June 11. I met with my trainer and we hashed out a plan for the first 30 days getting back on the horse of healthier habits. One of those first goals…


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A common boy

There lived a kid quite a happy one but always wasn’t provided good care by people, was bullied humiliated by most of them, You know was just a common not so popular kid always dragged himself to the school being a socialising was kinda hell for him, but one day he confronted himself and realised that “I need progression” he then took up up accountability finding his changeable insecurities and smashing them up, he bought himself to a state in order to change himself physically emotionally and mentally, took up a sport but didn’t actually succeed at it playing for years he gained nothing but that thought him an important aspect that was patience he then set of trying everything he loved failing at many he eventually found something he loved and made it up to get his unique identity, he’s still striving hard to get his dreams done

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