Musnahnya Aspiran Idiologis

Pengembangan kader selalu identik dengan peranan manusia intelek, mempunyai kesadaran daya juang yang tinggi dalam mengelolah potensi dan skillnya demi menyelaraskan falsafah kenegaraan “Pancasila”…


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Hate Speech

There is a fine line between hate speech and free speech in America. The US Supreme Court ruled that hate speech is “legally protected free speech under the first amendment, except where such speech is directed to inciting imminent lawless action” (Lecture Notes). So who decides when the words being spoken have been directed to these connotations? It has become a serious issue in America today because of how popular social media has become. Saying whatever you want online is now easier than ever, and it has caused issues such as suicide, serious threats, and much more. Yes, there are also many issues regarding this decision in real life, such as the Boos vs. Barry case. However, hate speech on social media has become such a regular thing.

In my opinion, I see social media sites as colleges — After you graduate high school, you go tour colleges you are interested in attending. If you go to one and realize they have strict rules or follow a curriculum you do not particularly favor, you cross it off your list and move on. I see the use of social media similar. All social media platforms are privately owned and run. If you use one that has no regulations regarding hate speech, don’t make an account on their platform. If you enjoy having open discussions regarding heated topics and do not mind seeing offending material, then join a social media platform that has no filters to hate speech. It is up to the users.

If this issue continues to arise and gain more awareness, I fear that the government is going to have to step in and make the decision for us to take away freedom on speech online. What many people misinterpret is the fact that the first amendment only accounts for speaking about the government. Besides that topic, you are free to discuss or say whatever you please. However, the amount of negative effects that have occurred due to hate speech online is astounding. Although most social media sites give users the power to flag or report inappropriate or hateful material, sometimes it is too late. Even if the material gets taken down, the harm has been done. But if government officials gain the power to oversee what is said online, no one will be able to express themselves. I wish I could say there is a happy medium for this crisis occurring, but I do not think there is. If you do see hate speech online, I think it is best to expose it by arguing against it (unless of course, it is inappropriate (i.e. nude photographs)). Having these kind of discussions is important to raise awareness for differences between us humans. Fight ignorance with facts.

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