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Voice assistant is killing the radio star

How do you automatically edit and broadcast news for assistants’ users to deliver all the crucial facts in one compact way? According to the assistant algorithm, you do a short (roughly around 100 seconds) summary of the most important facts. The text is read either by Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. The selection of materials corresponds to the algorithm written by the particular company.

Alternatively, one can listen to news summaries recorded by the content provider if they have the means to provide such a service.

The assistant could eventually replace the radio, a linear means of communication that offers messages at a specified time in an ordered block. Google Assistant remains at your disposal at all times, constantly tailoring to your needs. Radio is not capable of such an effort. Assuming the assistants will be using machine learning for the next months (years), it is easy to predict a scenario in which newsflashes delivered to a specific household will contain information users are interested in.

The presence of radio stations as part of the voice assistants set of functions will be considered a must-have by the users; thus, media, not only radio-centric ones, need to prepare for that challenge. The advantage of radio stations for today is pretty obvious — their experience in editing and recording content is tailor-made for the best audio experience. At least, for now, that is.

Google is rapidly improving technologies related to the emulation of the human voice. On the other hand, machine learning will acquire the knowledge of how to edit an audio newsflash properly in upcoming years, maybe even months. One can effortlessly predict last remaining advantages of radio stations could disappear sooner than later. The clock is ticking.

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