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Why Artificial Intelligence Will Always Be Worse Than the Average Writer

Breaking the Common Misconceptions Around AI Writing

AI has been in the news a lot lately, and I’ve noticed some concerns being raised in the writing community. I hope by the end of this article, any fears you have about being replaced will have been put to rest.

I don’t believe AI can ever replace a good writer, but there has been a recent increase in businesses using AI writing.

There are a few reasons they made this switch:

Let’s be honest — it’s all about money. Businesses are focusing on producing large amounts of mediocre content at a low price, knowing at least someone will click on it. Quantity over quality.

Rather than seeing it as if you lost a potential client, look at it as a system to weed out the crappy underpaying clients.

The people doing this stuff are the same ones who only hire writers off the lowest paying content mills. They’re not worth your time.

Now here are some of the things you as a writer can offer that AI cannot:

No matter how hard an AI tries, it will never be able to replicate the entire human psyche.

AI is shackled by only being able to use information that already exists while you have the capabilities to make new things that never existed before.

That’s only a small piece of why, though.

The big thing is that anyone with knowledge of sales and copywriting knows that it’s important to relate the product to the audience you’re selling to.

You have to put yourself into their shoes and make them realize why a product is what they need to fix a problem. AI can’t do that, but you can.

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