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Legal Sector Among Best Industries For Hiring In 2020

The latest report from CV-Library reveals that job applications in the legal sector have increased by 14.5% in the last year.

The report from CV-Library analysed job market data throughout 2019 and compared it with statistics from 2018. It reveals that the legal industry saw the sixth biggest jump in applications year-on-year.

A key driving factor behind the jump in applications may well be the fact that average pay in the legal sector jumped up by 1.5% in 2019.

Lee Biggins, CEO, and founder of CV-Library commented: “Despite severe political and economic uncertainty over the last year, it’s positive to see that the legal industry has continued to grow. We’ve noticed that this is an ongoing trend across several sectors, which should instill confidence in employers who may have put their recruitment plans on pause in the run-up to the election; especially as January is consistently one of the best times to hire.”

The report also shows that businesses in the legal industry were advertising more roles in 2019, with the number of job adverts increasing by 8.4%. This could mean more competition for employers, as organisations battle it out to secure top talent.

Lee Biggins continues: “While the competition for jobs may be higher in some sectors, this increase in job applications is great news for businesses looking for new talent. Don’t wait to take advantage of this growth and start advertising your latest job roles now.

“If you’re worried about attracting the best candidates in highly competitive industries, don’t panic. You can still make the most of this influx of applications by posting your vacancies to job boards and working with suppliers to ensure your roles stand out. Start searching for your new hire now.”

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