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A date with React Refs

I was beating all around and over the code. I needed my Async drop down using the cool react-select and redux-form to auto refresh with fresh values.

I knew it was something simple but fundamental, the reason why it felt terrible moving on without fixing it. I am also using redux-form.

class Parent extends React.Componet {

render() {

<FormSelect1 …props />

<FormSelect2 …props />



class FormSelect2 extends React.Component {

render() {


<SelectOptions ..props />




My requirement was for the SelectOptions component to refresh its dropdown list, based on the selection made in FormSelect1.

But the SelectOptions list was getting updated only on user interaction, rather than dynamically, because of which the user would see the old list and then the new list.

The SelectOptions is a third party component and it makes an async call to fetch a dropdown list. It exposed an interface to populate the list. This interface is an anonymous function which can be passed as a prop. I was passing this anonymous function as a prop from FormSelect2.

Here is a confession of the ignorant mistake I made, I put a ref on FormSelect2 and through that accessed the props of SelectOptions to invoke the anonymous function. <duh>. The above is a mistake because just executing the javascript function is not going inject the list into the dom element. I needed to access the particular dom element and the javascript function should be run by that particular dom element. If that makes sense!

Here is how I eventually fixed the issue.

So when FormSelect1 changes, the function loadMyStuff is run, which runs the function executeFnOnElement, which populates the options with the SelectOptions element.

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