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De quando o paladar não é suficiente para sentir a mistura de sabores que é viajar. Das comidas diferentes aos novos amigos. Do sentimento de liberdade e independência. O contato com novas culturas…


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Persuading friends to stay home

The new corona virus is not the common flu.

Vast majority of my friends know this, but some of their friends don’t, so the following comments are for you to pick and choose what you may want to use, to help persuade them to STF indoors.

I’ll admit I’m open minded enough that sometimes I’m empty-headed. Everyone is a lawyer, journalist, biologist, statistician, doctor and pandemiologist these days. Consider me an expert in knowing I’m no expert. I welcome corrections, additions and constructive feedback.

Given the background noise created by our asymmetric learning about the threat while we’re fighting it on all sides, government and healthcare fighting over what we should know and when, the disinformation economy, divisive politics and the financial exploitation of this crisis by people hired to help us, aka sociopathic greed, let’s look briefly at the new virus vs. the old one, as best we can.

There is growing evidence the new Corona virus uniquely affects the vascular system — this is very different than the common flu and just about every other air-borne virus.

Ordered list of the most common symptoms of coronavirus disease (covid-19)

My point here is not to demonstrate any particular intelligence, knowledge or expertise. It is instead that we should be careful now, everything to help, nothing to hinder this tenuous time.

Ideas are imaginary, like human rights, revolution, capitalism, money. Viruses are real, like hunger, emotions, actively caring for each other, and shelter.

Let’s not confuse the imaginary with the real.

This doesn’t mean complacency or accepting laws or rules with which we don’t agree. It means, at least temporarily, suspending activities other than actively caring for each other.

It’s time to cooperate. Time to learn once again how to be United.

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