World of Warcraft Basics

So you want to play World of Warcraft, huh? Here's some very basic info about the game you should know from a veteran player.


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Our Mistakes are Divine

Lol, not really. But here’s the catch

Thank God Jesus is the chief creative director He knows exactly how to make a blooper look part of the whole thing!

Paul says in Ephesians 1v3-5 that salvation through Christ was God’s plan before the beginning of time- a pretty long time before Adam and Eve our lovely sister😑😂 or mum? 😬

Anyhoo, here’s my point; a first glance at the fall of man and salvation through Christ would insinuate that after man sinned God was caught off guard and then had to cook up some solution out of the blue. But God is God, therefore He knows things. Amen?

The bible says in Psalm 139:16 that God marks out our days even before we are born. But man is man, so here’s a personal school of thought- because God is aware of the nature of mankind and also man’s power to decide for himself, somewhere in between the lines ABBA made provision for all of man’s decisions while still maintaining His divine purpose.

For my “back up your thought with an example" folks- you know in the construction of rail, gaps are made between successive rails on a railway track, ‘cause the rails expand in summer. The gap is provided to allow for this expansion. If no gap is left, the expansion in summer will cause the rails to bend sideways. That will result in train accidents. (S/o to our trusty Google).

You gerrit?

We all make mistakes, (lol that one is set on stone) I still did one nonsense two days ago. BUT it’s not the end of the world, nor your life or purpose. (If it did result in the loss of life of another, please ask the LORD for forgiveness so your soul may be liberated and free from guilt and repent cause Christ has settled the issue of your condemnation with the Judge. Sinceeeeeee. Tehteh)

Let’s be confident in the fact that ABBA saw it coming and He knows about it and He’s made provision for realignment to His will or purpose.

If there are mistakes birthed from the making of the character of Christ in you. Always, always return to the throne of grace for help. In fact put up a tent there till His fruits are abundant in you. And still stay there to keep watering the fruits!

Someone already took the beating you were supposed to. Someone died for your wrongdoings in your stead. Dju know what He did with all those things that could bound you? Boss faced them head to head and conquered so you can enjoy life again. He already made provision before you sinned. All you have to do is accept His salvation and begin to flenjo in the Holy Ghost! 😄

Author’s note: Hey heyy! I’m glad you could find me in this vast universe 😄 But I’ll be much more happier if you’ve found Jesus here! If you had said the salvation prayer please send me a message on Instagram @favourjmr or send a mail to Ouu I’m excited to hear from you! ❣️

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