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eSports For All

eSports is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world1 , with millions of video game players observing — but not engaging in — online eSports events, competitions, and tournaments. As the industry continues to grow, Moxy intends to capitalize on the massive demand for a blockchain-enabled software platform that allows all players, not just eSports professionals, to access a wide variety of their favorite games and play them in eSports competition mode for real rewards.

The video gaming industry has evolved to encompass three main platforms: consoles, personal computers, and mobile devices. Console gamers typically purchase and play their preferred titles through Xbox or PlayStation, while PC gamers access their favorite games through Steam or Epic. Similarly, mobile gamers know they can download games from the Play Store or Apple Store. But where do gamers go if they are looking to engage in an eSport version of their preferred game? Nowhere. An eSports platform does not currently exist.

To address this existing market need, Moxy believes it has created the only eSports gaming platform. Two main elements are required to accomplish this:

The Moxy Platform leverages blockchain technology to create a secure Global Gaming Token, MOXY, that enables real-time transactions and ensures that players and publishers are protected from fraud, hacking, and other malicious activities. With its growing player base, unique game integration methods, and almost unlimited competitive game modes providing real rewards in real games, the Moxy Platform is poised to launch this new category in gaming and truly be the only eSport games marketplace.

The Moxy Platform is the only platform that can provide players with the eSport enabled version of their favorite games. Moxy Club members can browse the game store and access games as they normally would on other platforms. When players access the game from the Moxy game store, they get the base game that has been enhanced with the Moxy Platform, which enables additional eSport game modes. All eSport activity happens natively within the game operating on the Moxy Platform, giving the player a unique gaming experience integrated with a secure, blockchain-enabled platform. The Moxy Platform also provides players with a unified digital wallet that makes MOXY usable across all of the games they play, ensuring easy access to competitive gameplay regardless of geographic region or local currency.

For publishers, the Moxy Platform provides an eSports ready global audience of players and the tools to quickly tap into this growing market. The Moxy Platform has the unique functionality of providing an API integration stack that seamlessly connects with existing console, PC, and mobile games, allowing publishers to quickly and easily enable their games to feature eSports game modes.

The cost, overhead, and risk associated with launching an entire eSports ecosystem for a single game are simply too large for a single game to take on. The Moxy Platform is the global eSports platform and ensures regulatory compliance and fulfillment of legal requirements for both players and publishers. Players gain the benefit of a single KYC requirement, sign on, unified account, and seamless user experience across all their favorite games. Publishers get the confidence of knowing that the Moxy Platform stands behind them and with them via staying ahead of the curve in terms of regulatory and legal compliance to protect the integrity and life cycle of the overall Moxy Ecosystem. Simply put, the Moxy Platform empowers game developers and publishers by enabling them to implement eSport game modes and by delivering eSport ready players via the Moxy Club. The Moxy Platform, as the global eSports platform, eliminates regional differences and streamlines on/off ramps to localized currencies. With Moxy, players interact using a singular wallet + token instead of having to navigate the complexity of the current web3 landscape. The Moxy Platform brings frictionless play where the focus is fun and engagement without a steep learning curve.

Creating a true eSport platform is more than just enabling a simple competitive game mode. There are many elements of the Moxy Ecosystem that seamlessly work together, such as:

eSport Ready Player Verification — Gamers must be “eSport ready” in order to engage in “Real Competition” for regulatory and compliance purposes. Moxy Club requires all users to go through a verification process; and

MOXY — The Global Gaming Token that represents the single point of value for all gamers and facilitates eSport competition;

Moxy Admin Portal — This manages Moxy Club members, stats, collectibles, submitted games for funding and publishing.

Moxy Club — Moxy Club delivers eSport ready gamers, the game marketplace, and game launcher, and centralizes all transactions from all games, allows gamers to buy and manage MOXY, and facilitates governance through voting;

Moxy Forge — This is the core API stack that enables game developers to implement eSport game play and otherwise interacts with participating games;

Moxy Foundry — Foundry is the developer toolkit. Developers need to upload games in Foundry, then games are assigned API keys to the Forge.

Moxy Governance Rewards — Moxy Club member participation in voting events is essential to the evolution of the Moxy Platform. Moxy Club members who are engaged and fulfilling their obligations will be rewarded with MOXY.

Moxy Platform — The MOXY token economy built on the Flow blockchain. The Moxy Platform is a fully custom built token economy with proprietary smart contracts, offline signatory protocol, all built in Cadence.

PLAY token — A secure token balance unable to be held by any individual. The PLAY token is converted into newly minted MOXY within the Moxy Ecosystem to accommodate token demand as the player base grows;

Proof of Play™ — Rewarding players for engagement in addition to eSport rewards;

SCORE token — Earned by players when they engage with the system. Used as a mechanism to account for and distribute daily rewards which can be converted into MOXY.

In Summary, the Moxy Ecosystem powers the next generation of eSports play.

NOLAN BUSHNELL: Chief Knowledge Officer

LAWRENCE SIEGEL: Executive Chairman

STEWART BELL: President European Operations



TONY BICKLEY: Chief Product Officer

TROY SMITH: Chief Marketing Officer

NOLAN DEFOUW: Director of Marketing

DAVID CHIN: Head of Moxy Asia

DAVID M. OTTO: Lead Counsel



Forum Username: Embek cacat

Telegram Username: @Embekcacato

BSC Wallet Address: 0x0CaF569342131b788F7A3C80D4DfDA9680AfE56d

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