How Playing Soccer Freed My Creativity

My artistic creations rarely live up to my vision. Playing soccer conditioned me for failure so that I could ultimately find success.


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Personal review towards one chapter.

Under “Economic Achievements”, I am now left with two more topics & forty more sub-topics to go for…

Each topic was interesting, insightful & made me feeling grateful that the fact is — I’m now living in Singapore & not in another part of the vast world.

The building of Jurong Island had captivated much of my attention — from the EDB officers going out the whole way to seek new investors & later to establish good relationships with them while JTC Corporation was busy reclaiming the seven islands altogether to form one complete island for commercial & business usage. Once the island was ready, the interested investors could come onto the huge project that EDB, JTC Corporation, Sembcorp Industries & many other govt ministries had put together relentlessly.

I sincerely feel that this book should be included into every secondary school kid’s daily reading in schools or to be introduced to the school curriculum. It is a good book to be read & the earlier topics that I have read have stressed a lot on how our govt & their ministries have worked very hard on building her up as a prosperous & holistic nation. Their brain powers, sacrifices, time & multiple efforts are truly much to be appreciated by us, the true born & bred Singaporeans.

After reading more about their works, I personally felt that they do deserve the salaries they are getting now. If we don’t read up more of their works & understand how they work, we would be seen as ignorant fools that can be easily led astray by those who kept comparing our leaders’ pays to other countries’ leaders’ salaries as if like our leaders should be paid lesser because of lesser works were performed. Our own leaders’ pays are pegged to a scale of ranks & responsibilities in Singapore accordingly & they do not sit around doing nothing. I have been following many of our PAP leaders’ social media accounts as I was interested to see what they have been doing for us.

No joke — I’m one true believer of theirs now.

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