Guide To Types Of Brick Construction

Archaeologists and architectural historians should really talk to each other more. We’re both in the business of documenting cultural resources — it’s just that architectural historians deal with a…


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My Top Five Reads on Medium This Week

Stories I Read The Week of August 7th, 2022

These are the few of the stories I read this week that impacted me, a white woman in her 50’s with dyslexia and ADD, who writes for kids, who is in the beginning stages of starting her own business, and is taking a 30-day fast from dating sites.

These are the stories I saved in my FAVORITE list because they either made me laugh, made me think, or made me question myself — or maybe I just liked them for pure entertainment.

They are not in any particular order. Just how I listed them.

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I remember catching the 1st predator on TV one Friday when I was bored during my teenage years and still to this day I cannot lie, it’s one of Arnold Schwarzeneggers better films in his filmography…


Apa kau berani mati untuknya? Atau kau mau hidup karenanya? Apa kesamaan antara keduanya? Apa perbedaannya? Ada yang jadi lilin untuk api yang melahap habis dirinya. Hidup untuk sesuatu yang lain…