My Military MBA.

I spent a few years bumming around and eventually made a decision that was bound to happen. I was sat in a pub on Saturday afternoon in Salisbury, Wiltshire and I announced that was going to join the…


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AI Produces Simulated Sentences From Brain Signals

Imagine if you were unable to speak, and had to rely on machinery to transmit what you had to say to others. Stephen Hawking was one such person that had to depend on this type of system, and while he was able to accomplish great things in his life, consider that this type of system is only capable of producing about 10 words per minute — as opposed to natural human speech at around 150.

After training a deep learning algorithm with data from previous experiments, the program was then able to translate brain signals from the subjects into estimated muscle movements, which are then turned into speech. On average, people could recognize 70% of the synthesized words, which sound like they could be human speech patterns — if lo-fi and somewhat slurred — in an audio clip of the experiment. While there is still a lot of work to do, it could be a very good starting point to enhance communication for those who now have to rely on slow movement-based speech capabilities.

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