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Stopping Everything To Find Peace

taking my time

Unsplash.com Liderna

I have not written because I am in this weird space of trying to heal and wanting to share the feelings that accompany the process. I am an adult woman that still struggles with afflictions, new and old.

To get myself back I am going to tiptoe back into sharing the turbulence that is living with chronic illness.

I have no choice. If I do not try I will not be. It’s as simple as that. There’s a daily issue, it feels like there is always something, that is what chronic illness is. An assault on your quality of life.

I did write here and there which I plan on sharing but mostly I focused on my in-person relationships.

I stopped messaging and replying. I gave all my energy to overcoming my flare and you know what happened!? I got a cold, negative for COVID, but a cold nonetheless.

I was already in a lupus flare. I have nasty, easily irritated, mouth sores all over my mouth. Thankfully, doing a salt water rinse has been helping but it doesn’t negate the constant annoyance.

Then, there’s the general symptoms of a lupus flare.

My joints hurt, all of them. I am tired, fatigued, lethargic, and any other word that describes exhausted. I just want peaceful rest. Do I get it? Not really but I am sleeping more than I usually am.

By getting sick more things joined in on the party like night sweats, congestion, sick headache (not to be confused with migraine), and general discomfort like sore throat. So, now I am hoping I am in the tail end of this cold, so I can finally deal with this flare which I thought I was beating till I got the dang cold.

I decided to risk going out to celebrate my nephews birthday and within 24 hours I was experiencing cold-like symptoms.

I am usually very meticulous, but for the kids in my family I tend to try a little more. Was it worth it?? I would say yes. However, this is not something I recommend to others and not what I regularly do.

At last, I am here again, writing and describing the experiences of trying to live while having invaders that want none of it.

While I am figuring out my steps I’ll be sharing my experiences, the good and the bad, along the way.

Thank you for being here with me.

✨Let’s be friends!!

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