Blood on the brain

You make jokes about being a bad patient because the medical world is your industry, but I know feeling this helpless is so hard for you The surgery was shorter than we thought and we were relieved…


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Matchbox Tactic

The use of psychological warfare or mind games has been a powerful tool in warfare throughout history. Generals have taken advantage of the fact that war is made up of humans, and humans have a mind which can prove to be a powerful place to control, indeed by creating doubt fear or uncertainty in the minds of enemies can ultimately weaken their morale , That being said, propaganda has many colors. Like “White Propaganda” who doesn’t hide it’s intend at all , In fact it is very truthful , The identity of the ‘maker’ of this propaganda is also not hidden. For example, During WWII, allied fighter pilots dropped matchbooks with instructions for German soldiers on how to fake illnesses and get released from service. Obviously, the intend of such tactic was made to make soldiers abandon the war, all while planting doubt in the minds of officers who eventually knew about these papers , and as a result they started to question the loyalty of their men. I would have said this was hitting two birds in one stone , But it’s actually three birds. Since some officers lost trust in their soldiers, the ones who really were sick were dismissed, and thus eventually spreading real disease within the ranks of the Germans.

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